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Built on a solid platform

Powered by the awesome Slim PHP micro-framework

JSON REST API - Powered by Slim micro-framework - cAPI is an extensible platform for building robust RESTful web services built with Joomla CMS.


Secure access via token, Joomla groups or 3rd party authentication plugins!


Leverage robust Joomla ACL to control access to any add-ons, routes or request-types.


Take advantage of our growing library of API service routes plugins.


Built-in API rate throttling can be configured globally or an a per-token basis.

Up and running in minutes!

cAPI empowers you to turn your Joomla website into a service to manage SSO, integrate with enterprise infrastructure, power mobile apps and more! Subscribe to get instant access to cAPI Core and discover new add-ons to supercharge this amazing toolkit.

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